Underwater artists for productions

Water is an incredibly interesting and rewarding element that can be added into your production. Water can generate feelings of calm, tranquility and grace, confusion and power, mystery and adventure, and so much more. However, filming underwater productions demands a completely new set of rules and challenges that are different to those required on land.

Underwater productions need meticulous planning, research and budgeting to make sure valuable time and resources are fully utilised and nothing goes to waste.

By working with our underwater artists for productions, you will achieve your brief with ease, within time and on budget. Our underwater artists for productions are highly skilled professional aquatic athletes who are natural under the water and follow direction and anticipate the next move.

  • "Aquabatix models are so competent in the water that it will save you time and money on your underwater production. I can highly recommend them for underwater shoots of all kinds”
    Fred Woodcock - Owner & Director
  • somesuch logo - Aquabatix client

    Adele Carlsen took a difficult brief, a Chinese synchronised swimming pair in Europe, and delivered top draw, immensely professional talent. From logistics to bespoke choreography, every element of the project Aquabatix was involved with ran perfectly. Definitely the first port of call for aquatic talent. 

    Tarquin Glass - Producer
  • mtv 'The Aquabatix synchronised swimming team were fantastic. Very talented performers, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. They choreographed a great routine perfect for our filming requirements and I highly recommend Aquabatix to anyone within the entertainment industry.'
    Alex Kohler - Director
  • Nichole de Carle 'The advantage of using Aquabatix artists over traditional models is they were completely comfortable in the water and able to move in a natural and instinctive way. I was able to shoot them in striking and unusual poses that simply couldn't have been achieved outside of that environment.'
    Clara Maidment – photographer