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Live water entertainment FAQ

What is synchronised swimming?
Once known as water ballet, synchronised swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics consisting of a number of swimmers performing a synchronised routine of elaborate and acrobatic movements and formations in the water accompanied by music. Synchronised swimming is an Olympic sport, now known as artistic swimming, as well as a popular form of performance art for event entertainment

Q. What is Aquabatix?
We are the world’s most innovative water entertainment company, providing synchronised swimmers for live events globally and professional underwater models for on screen underwater productions and shoot requirements. Our performers are all Olympic standard synchronised swimmers, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of water performances for events globally.

Live event entertainment in water
Q. What dimensions does a pool need to have for a synchronised swimming performance?
Aquabatix will perform in any depth and size of pool or in any form of water such as open water and aquariums too. Providing quotes based on size and dimensions of the space and can offer anything from one performer to any number! Our usual number of performers in the pool is between four to eight synchronised swimmers but we can certainly produce water shows with a soloist, duet pair, trio or more than eight if it’s a large pool or open space of water.

Q. How long is an Aquabatix routine?
Synchronised swimming routines are normally a track length so between three to four minutes as they are very dynamic performances. Normally performing between one or two routines at an event for that ultimate wow factor. However if you would prefer a longer show, we can piece two routines together to produce an eight to ten minute water show, or we can create an even longer show if that is required. For our underwater routines, these are normally between two to three minutes. Aquabatix will always work with the client to fit their specific brief.

Aquabatix - mermaids
Q. How would I choose a routine?
You can choose from our ‘off the shelf’ list of routines which are our current routines we have ready to go, as well as offer a bespoke customised service, where we can create a routine to the music and theme of your client’s choice.

Q. Do you provide mermaids and mermen?
Absolutely! Our mermaids and mermen are all from a professional aquatic background and can perform in the water with ease. They will pose around the deck and engage with your guests in the water and from under the water if in an aquarium. We offer a beautiful silicon tail, along with several different colour fabric tails to suit any theme.

Q. How do the synchronized swimmers hear the music underwater?
Synchronised swimmers use an underwater speaker. Sound travels clearly underwater. We would bring our land speaker to an event, which the underwater speaker connects into. The underwater speaker can also be linked up to a main PA system if one is on site, for the event or music played direct through our land speaker

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Q. Do you perform water entertainment in open water?
Yes we love the open water! Dependent on water temperature, we will perform either in normal swimwear or wetsuits. The water must be tested and safe to swim in.

Q. What kind of events do you perform at?
Corporate events, private pool parties, experiential events, live brand experiences, product launches and fashion shows. We have also had a long term underwater residency show at a waterpark in the UAE and can bring the water to you in the shape of a portable glass Aquatheatre as seen with our underwater act Aquabatique in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent. Another option is we can be filmed prior to the event, if the performance is being shown on a screen, mapped across a building, or for a synchronised swimming virtual reality experience.

Synchronised swimming performance to live music
Q. Can you give an example of the events have you performed at before?
A diverse range of events including:
• London Fashion week with Stella McCartney and Adidas
• The launch of the terrace pool at Burj Al Arab in Dubai
• The launch of Rolls Royce Black Badge in Shanghai
• Events in Monaco, LA, Venice, London, The UAE, The Bahamas and The Seychelles
• Reopening of the Hearst Castle pool, California
• Product launches include La Mer, Chanel, BMW, Omega, Disney, Panerai & H&M
• Pool party for YouTubers in Paris
• 5th year anniversary party for Palazzo Versace in Dubai
• Soho House launch of Soho Warehouse in DTLA
• Adidas Beyond The Surface with Jack Morton in Dubai
• Corporate inhouse event for IBM in London
• David Walliams wedding
• Underwater residency show at Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

Q. How much does an event performance cost?
Costs vary per project. Offering an ‘off the shelf’ and a bespoke service which allows its clients flexibility in price and performance with various price packages on offer. Aquabatix will tailor a performance format or artist rate that works within your budget by adjusting the number of athletes, length of routine and frequency of performance.

Q. Where in the world does Aquabatix perform?
Based in London and LA, but perform globally.