• 'Beautiful job, you surpassed my expectations completely!'  
    Lisa Gunning - Director
  • 'Aquabatix, one of the greatest thing's we've ever seen!'
    Jack Steadman - Lead Singer

underwater models for music videos

Finding underwater models to bring a music videos concept to life can be a time consuming and costly process. Modelling and acting underwater is naturally very different from on land, so a unique and diverse set of skills is required.

Being a strong swimmer and happy to be submerged is not enough to be able to cope with the complexity of shooting music videos underwater. As an underwater model, confidence in or under the water is crucial to success when you can’t see, breathe or communicate. This environment is entirely natural for Aquabatix underwater models therefore, less time and money is required to prepare the models for the shoot enabling maximum output for your budget.

From a background of synchronised swimming and aquatic sport, our male and female underwater models understand how their bodies look and move through the water enabling them to respond intelligently to direction and anticipate the next move. Comfortable in a production environment, Aquabatix remove the need for additional time and money to be spent training and familiarising the models prior to the music videos shoot.

Being tethered to the bottom of the tank, using aqua-lung equipment and remaining in the water for hours at a time, is all simply part of capturing the perfect shot. All Aquabatix underwater models are fit for purpose and have the required experience for underwater work.

With a full range of looks available, Aquabatix will be able to provide a male or female underwater model to rival any conventional model from a modelling agency. All Aquabatix models are athletic, attractive, highly skilled professionals who love using their rare art form to create new and exciting projects.

An Aquabatix underwater model will work with your team to deliver the best shots in the shortest timeframe possible whilst retaining their composure and professionalism throughout every shoot.

Action Underwater studios, Basildon: “Aquabatix models are so competent in the water that it will save you time and money on your shoot. I can highly recommend them for underwater shoots and music videos”

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