Underwater body doubles

Underwater body doubles

We understand that underwater body doubles are an essential part of creating the right environment to capture the perfect shot during an underwater shoot.

Our artists are very experienced at taking direction underwater and can anticipate the next move to set up the shot efficiently. Their breath hold skills and ability to use aqua lung play play a vital role in the shot preparation before the main artist enters the water.

As well as standing in for the main artist to set up the shots, our underwater model are used in certain specific shots to replace the actor of a character. The body double’s face is obscured to maintain the illusion that they are the same character; usually by shooting their body at an angle that leaves their face out (such as by showing the body double from the back) or in post-production by superimposing the original actor’s face over the body double’s.

Our body doubles can assist the director and production team by suggesting and demonstrating different movements that could work within the brief and explaining to the main artist how to get into the correct positions for the required shots.

We have a diverse range of male and female underwater artists on our books, click here to view.

With underwater artists of different ages and ethnicities we are able to deliver a professional model for the majority of project briefs.

By removing the possibility of the model being fearful of the water, our body doubles will save your production time and money and maximise your shot list.



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