Aquabatix underwater models filming Rocetman underwater sequence at Pinewood U Stage

Underwater production specialists

Aquabatix are the leading providers of underwater production specialists in the industry. Our team of aquatic artists, choreographers, underwater movement directors, synchronised swimming coaches and swimming teachers have extensive experience on set and work with your team to deliver the desired shots efficiently and effectively.

We have a great relationship with Diving Services UK who run Pinewood Underwater Stage and all the underwater productions that take place there.

Under The Water Media is another fantastic underwater studio based in Croydon, South East London. The productions we have been involved with here have been hugely successful.

Underwater choreography and movement direction
Our team of aquatic artists are the perfect choice for modelling and movement underwater due to being so natural and at home in the water. We also love to work on the other side of the camera and our choreographers provide the best in the business for underwater choreography and movement direction. For more information on our underwater choreography and movement direction services please click here.

Synchronised swimming choreography and teaching services
With extensive experience working within production, Aquabatix can provide synchronised swimmers and intricate choreography for your film scene, music video, TV show or advertising campaign. Our team has taught many celebrities and influencers how to do synchronised swimming for aquatic challenges on TV, for films, music videos and YouTube entertainment. For more information on our synchronised swimming choreography and teaching services please click here.

Swimming coaches and teachers for productions
Our swimming coaches can teach actors to swim even if they are a complete beginner. Experts in their discipline, they can improve the actors swimming skills within short periods of time and get their strokes to look like the swimmer they are trying replicate in the production. For more information on our swimming coaches and teachers for production services please click here.

  • Kindred client logo   "We had an amazing shoot, Gen was a dream to work with”
    Sam Orams
    Co-founder and producer
  • Outsider TV logo "We are all extremely happy with the Gala Bingo ads and thank you for all of your help with our swimmers."
    Steve Elgar
  • "Aquabatix models are so competent in the water that it will save you time and money on your underwater production. I can highly recommend them for underwater shoots of all kinds”
    Fred Woodcock - Owner & Director
  • mtv 'The Aquabatix synchronised swimming team were fantastic. Very talented performers, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. They choreographed a great routine perfect for our filming requirements and I highly recommend Aquabatix to anyone within the entertainment industry.'
    Alex Kohler - Director
  • 'The Aquabatix team is a group of extremely talented and professional athletes, all of whom made our day filming a long and complicated underwater sequence a genuine pleasure from start to finish. From initial concept through to completion the athletes were enthusiastic and accommodating in equal measure, generously collaborating on the project at every opportunity. The swimmers worked tirelessly on the day to a demanding schedule, and managed to keep smiling and enjoying themselves throughout - a testament to their stamina and dedication. I can only thank everyone for their fantastic effort and would hope to work with the team again in the not too distant future.'
    Charlie Anderson - Producer/Director