Underwater models

A selection of our underwater models. Contact katie@aquabatix.com for the password to view any of the underwater model profiles below or to request to see all model profiles.

Modelling underwater


Our underwater models are experienced professionals from a background in aquatic sport. They understand how their bodies move underwater, taking direction instinctively with the ability to anticipate the next move.

Working underwater is a highly specialised skill and experience is a necessity when trying to capture the perfect shot. Our aquatic models are relaxed and at home underwater so their faces and bodies are not tense or strained in anyway which makes capturing natural shots effortless.

They have the ability to tread water and scull to be able to stay at the surface of the water for long periods of time removing the need for additional crew members in the water.

Our aquatic professionals use their range of sculling and breath hold techniques to be able to stay under water and maintain a certain depth without floating up to the surface or sinking to the bottom. This removes the need for additional, costly equipment onsite.

Their breath hold skills enable them to remain under the water for longer periods of time to enhance the chances of getting the perfect shots. They can also use aqualung and be tethered to the bottom of the pool or tank to capture the desired shot.

Our aquatic models have performed for a wide variety of projects such as advertising campaigns for Temple Spa, Nivea, Mercedes and the Body Shop, music videos for Lady GaGa, The Chemical Brothers and Bombay Bicycle Club and photo shoots for Puma X Ader Error and Nike.

Our underwater professionals also work as body doubles on all kinds of productions from films to advertising campaigns. They can set up shots or perform all of the underwater work for the main artist and be flexible and proactive throughout the shoot.

By using our underwater artists you will save precious time and money and are guaranteed to get exactly what you want and more from your shoot. We can work with your director to get the most out of the shoot and pass on our wealth of experience in this area.