Underwater photography

Our highly trained aquatic athletes are natural underwater models for photography and will achieve the shot you are looking for every time. Their experience and unrivalled ability to take direction underwater, makes our underwater models and artists perfect for photography in water.

It takes years of experience and practice to know exactly how to move your body underwater and show no signs to the camera that you are holding your breath or unable to see clearly. Aquabatix underwater models and artists will not only save you time and money on your shoot, but they will deliver a shot that far exceeds your expectations.

Without question, the most important factor when delivering a successful underwater shoot is the model. You can have the best underwater venue, most creative concept, incredible lighting and the best underwater camera team available, if your underwater model isn’t comfortable in the water, you will not deliver the results you have invested so much money in to achieve.

Our models all have extensive experience in professional aquatic sport. This is the single most key element to our success when working on underwater productions as quite simply, our models have spent a large percentage of the lives underwater. They understand the water, it isn’t an unstable or scary environment for them, it feels like home. This enables them to fully focus on the shots required and to expand on the brief and in most cases, over deliver.

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