Synchronised Swimming Entertainment Showreel

Synchronised swimming entertainment showreel:

We dive into this synchronised swimming entertainment showreel with a high end private event in Venice. Moving swiftly into the much celebrated I Drink Wine music video from music icon, Adele. Directed by the talented Joe Talbot, our team worked with his creative vision to produce an original and captivating video.

Our performances add another layer of experience and enhance fashion shows, bringing their collections to life. Always looking to impress with the next big thing, Stella McCartney picked underwater act Aquabatique to launch her new swimwear collection for Adidas after their huge success as finalists on Britain’s Got Talent. Then we move to high street brand New Look at the exclusive Haymarket Hotel in London. Travelling next to Beijing for an exclusive, VIP event for Chanel where they build a single performer tank for us to perform in. Performing in trainers and socks for Puma and Ader Error’s advertising campaign we created striking footage and imagery.

Brand activation
Moving into brand activation, we have worked with a wide range of clients from car brands such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Volkswagen to fitness brands such as Fitbit and Adidas. We create content that is captivating and impactful for social sharing and brand building. From wearing or incorporating a companies product whilst performing to creating a performance encompassing the brands core values, our performances always create a talking point.

Private parties
Private party performances give us the opportunity to perform all over the world. From Europe to America and Asia to the middle East, we love to perform in all shapes and size pools. Nothing impresses an audience more than a perfectly synchronised performance in the beautiful sunshine and our performance at the Cipriani Hotel in Venice was a roaring success. “So many guests picked the synchronised swimming show as one of the absolute highlights of a jaw dropping weekend in which there was a lot of competition for ‘peak performance’” Client testimonial.

Corporate Events
Events for corporate companies looking to showcase and engage, create new and exciting performance opportunities for our swimmers. A new challenge is always welcome especially when we get to perform in the Sky. From exclusive resident events at the iconic Skypool in London to performing to live bands in the rooftop swimming pool at Shoreditch House. Launching a new watch for Tissot brought us to the 52nd floor swimming pool at the Shard.

What better way to launch the incredible swimming pools and exclusive deck area at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai than have Aquabatix synchronised swimmers. The performance was the highlight of the event and created a huge buzz on socials. From the Wynn hotel in Macau to the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, our performances have enthralled audiences all over the world.

All bodies of water
Always thinking outside the box and looking for the next performance space, we have never limited ourselves to swimming pools. Braving the freezing temperatures of the pond at Studd House, Hampton Court for VIP guests such as Vanessa Redgrave and President Gorbachev.

Visitors to the Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi got to experience our long term residency show in the underwater theatre at the park. Performing four times a day, our swimmers amazed the crowds with their synchronised underwater performances.

Opening a new luxury holiday complex in Cape Verde was another highlight for the team as well as an intimate product launch for La Mer in LA. Performing for Disney was great fun, adding yet another distinguished client to our impressive client list from across the world.