Merman & mermaid entertainment

Aquabatix provide mermaid entertainment all over the world. Our mermaids are world class, professional aquatic athletes who offer a full range of mermaid services for all types of events and productions. Our mermaids and mermen are trained synchronised swimmers or free divers who are using their skills to create incredible water performances.

With experience performing for clients such as Chanel and Rolls Royce, we can create a mystical and enchanting performance for any client brief. Whether our mermaids are the main entertainment focus for the event or an atmospheric performance whilst your guests are enjoying a welcome reception, our bespoke performance will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Our mermaids are the perfect entertainment for a children’s birthday party, either performing in a swimming pool or engaging with the children on dry land, the party guests will be overwhelmed with excitement. If you have a pool for your party, our mermaids can create a beautiful bespoke performance in the water to the song of the birthday child’s choice. The mermaid or merman, will interact with the children during the performance using fun and exciting props. Out of the pool, the mermaid or merman can lead the party games, have photo’s with the party guests and tell mermaid stories.

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