Underwater choreographers and movement directors

Underwater choreographers and movement directors

We excel in this area. Our underwater choreographers and movement directors have all started out as synchronised swimmers so they naturally know what shapes and movements look good on camera and how they can be achieved. When working with our underwater models or other aquatic professionals, they know how to direct them and what language to use for fast and efficient communication (yes there are some unique terms in the underwater world!).

Our underwater choreographers work alongside directors and crew pre shoot, to understand and translate the brief, offering ideas of how to achieve the desired shots. They are experienced on set and will achieve the brief in the most stress free and efficient way possible. Effectively communicating with both the director and the artists in the water, transferring information quickly and efficiently so no time is wasted.

Over many years of working together, we have built a fantastic relationship with Action Underwater Studios in Basildon who run an underwater studio that is 6m deep. Our team understand how productions are operated at the studios and they are always delighted to be working with our highly experienced team.

Our underwater choreographers and movement directors are used to working long hours around water, in highly pressurized situations from Olympic sporting backgrounds, maintaining a calm and flexible approach with everyone involved.

They are very proficient at teaching actors and/or models who are not so accustomed to being in water. Starting with the basics, they teach them how to keep themselves under the water, breath control and how to keep their bearings whilst in the water.

We work with the best underwater production venues and Aquatic Impact can build them for you. As well as a fully portable, glass sided tank, they also build bespoke swimming pools and tanks for your underwater production needs.

Underwater choreographers and movement directors
Our choreographers share their experience, knowledge and insider tips they have learnt along the way to help the person achieve the movement required and offer alternatives quickly if needed, all with a calm and patient approach.

The Aquabatix underwater choreographers and movement directors make the director’s and crew’s job far less stressful and go above and beyond to create some truly magical underwater moments for the screen.

Our previous work includes: Advising Taron Egerton on Rocketman, underwater choreography and movement coordinator for the Megared commercial, movement coordinator on the Nike Victory shoot, movement coordinator for the models on Puma x Ader Error shoot, underwater choreography and movement director for the Intel commercial, underwater movement coordinator for the Most Haunted promo and underwater choreography for the Stylo G music video.