American event entertainment

Aquabatix USA will provide American event entertainment at it’s very best with a show-stopping synchronized swimming performance. From exclusive product launches in an intimate location, to large-scale party entertainment in a five star hotel, you can be sure we will deliver the ‘wow factor’ your guests will remember forever.As one of the most unique acts in the entertainment industry, Aquabatix USA has an extensive repertoire of routines, from vintage 1950’s beauty to modern contemporary choreography. We have a performance to cater for every occasion ensuring there is something for everyone.

For complete exclusivity, Aquabatix USA offers a bespoke service, choreographing a new and exhilarating routine designed specifically for your individual event requirements. Our talented and highly experienced choreographers will work within your brief to deliver choreography that will bring your event to life and captivate your guests.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and flexibility to deliver a performance in a variety of forms of water. From swimming pools to aquariums, we will create choreography crafted for your event that will be the highlight for your guests.

Aquabatix USA can produce a performance in any size or shape swimming pool, indoors or outdoors, deep or shallow. Our highly trained choreographers relish the opportunity to create performances in new venues and will work with their surroundings to get the very best show possible.

Our performances do not follow a standard format, each one is unique to its event. We can perform with just one swimmer as a soloist or a mystical mermaid, a duet or trio for smaller size pools. For larger pools we would recommend a team of eight synchronized swimmers.

Being up close and personal to live synchronized swimming is a beautifully rare and unique experience. Our original performances are guaranteed to be the talking point of your event and a sure-fire way to engage your audience.

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