As an artist, confidence underwater is key to success when you can’t see, breathe or communicate. This environment is completely natural for Aquabatix artists therefore, less time and money is required to prepare the artists for the shoot enabling maximum output for your budget.

Our female and male artists respond naturally to direction whilst in the water and move instinctively between shots. Being tethered to the bottom of the tank and remaining in the water for hours at a time is all simply part of securing the perfect shot.

  • Charlie Anderson - Producer/Director
    Pulse films 'The Aquabatix team is a group of extremely talented and professional athletes, all of whom made our day filming a long and complicated underwater sequence a genuine pleasure from start to finish. From initial concept through to completion the athletes were enthusiastic and accommodating in equal measure, generously collaborating on the project at every opportunity. The swimmers worked tirelessly on the day to a demanding schedule, and managed to keep smiling and enjoying themselves throughout - a testament to their stamina and dedication. I can only thank everyone for their fantastic effort and would hope to work with the team again in the not too distant future.'

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