From a background of synchronised swimming and aquatic sport, our male and female artists understand how their bodies look and move underwater enabling them to respond intelligently to direction and anticipate the next move.

Comfortable in a production environment, Aquabatix remove the need for additional time and money to be spent training and familiarising the artists prior to the shoot ensuring you achieve your brief within budget.



Kuoni Travel

TV commercial



Advertising campaign


Ted Baker

T for Tall campaign

  • cogent-elliott-squarelogo-1448371819459 'Working with Aquabatix diving athlete Blake Aldridge was a pleasure. We certainly got the shot we wanted and much, much more! I'd happily recommend Aquabatix again. From a production point of view I really appreciate your speed and understanding when it came to negotiation costs prior to the shoot.'
    Michael de Vries - Senior Manager
  • 'Aquabatix were highly professional and flexible in their approach with the Speedo advertising shoot. Their models were outstanding underwater, and were able to work for many hours non stop to achieve the desired images. In this current economic climate, Aquabatix were flexible and worked with us on our budget constraints to enable us to produce the work on time and in budget. Thank you to all at Aquabatix and I would certainly choose to work with Aquabatix again and use their models in future advertising campaigns.'
    Ali Maloney - Producer

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