May 2011

Saatchi & Saatchi competition showcase

Aquabatix athlete Natasha was cast for the shooting of an underwater showcase pop promo video to the Moby track 'Be the One' for the Saatchi and Saatchi 2011 competition for new directors.

Filmed at Action Underwater Studios in Basildon, Essex, Natasha was tied to the bottom of the 6m deep tank for an hour at a time using aqua lung to breath in order to get the correct shots for the promo. The storyline for the promo is based on an 18th century Japanese print depicting the love between a woman and her Octopus lover. the images are stark, set in black and white, with the hint of red for passion/love/loss.

Click here to see the pop promo for Moby 'Be the One'

The promo was shot by Sky Sharrock and directed by Richie Burridge and the competition winners will be announced later this summer.