If you are looking to create a serene and magical atmosphere at your event, our beautiful and talented mermaids will entice your guests with their enchanting performances. From poolside posing and meet and greet to intricate underwater choreography, we have a performance to suit every event.

All our artists have a background of synchronised swimming so creativity, expression and style are all qualities they bring to every performance. With beauty and grace our mesmerising and mythical creatures of the sea can perform in swimming pools, aquariums and water tanks, anywhere across the world.

  • Kathryn Knox - Senior Account Manager
    Disney-logo-vector 'The Aquabatix mermaids performed two fabulous routines at the launch of Disney's Little Mermaid DVD in London. They swam to the soundtrack of the film and captured the attention of the media as well as the young children who took part. The children loved the beautiful patterns the mermaids made in the water and were particularly enthralled by the mermaid tails. The synchronised swimming mermaids were flexible and professional and the whole event was a great success.'