Aquatic Artists

Our incredible team of aquatic artists, both male and female, boast an impressive and extensive career in their aquatic discipline including Olympians and Britain’s Got Talent finalists. Having spent many years perfecting their aquatic skill and performing at the top of their game enables them to fully understand how their bodies move underwater. They take direction instinctively and have the ability to anticipate the next move making working with them effortless.

Working in and under the water is a highly pressurised and specialised skill and relevant experience is a necessity. Our aquatic artists are relaxed and natural in the water so their faces and bodies are not tense or strained in anyway which makes capturing natural shots achievable.

They have the ability to tread water and scull to be able to stay at the surface of the water for long periods of time removing the need for additional crew members in the water. Our aquatic artists use their range of sculling and breath hold techniques to be able to stay under water and maintain a certain depth without floating up to the surface or sinking to the bottom. This removes the need for additional, costly equipment onsite.

Artistic swimmers
We have carefully selected teams of artistic swimmers (formerly known as synchronised swimmers) based all over the world. Their skill level, attitude, flexibility and drive means they are the perfect fit for Aquabatix and our clients.

Free divers
Our male and female free divers consist of ex world champions and highly accomplished and experienced professional divers who have worked extensively in the production industry.

Speed swimmers
Olympians and world class swimmers of all ages make up our strong, diverse team of swimmers. At home in the water and experienced in the production world, they are the natural choice for a water based project.

Red Bull cliff divers and Olympians represent the male and female professional diving team at Aquabatix. Experienced on set and in a live performance environment, they are daring and looking for the next challenge.

For all our aquatic artists hard work, experience and dedication for their aquatic sport enables them to deliver the most innovative and spectacular water entertainment in the world.