American underwater production

Aquabatix USA is a team of highly skilled female and male models and artists that have a background in synchronized swimming and aquatic sport. After years of hard work in the water crafting their skills, they naturally understand how their bodies look and move underwater making them the perfect choice for underwater productions.From film, TV and music videos to body doubles, commercials, photo shoots and advertising campaigns, Aquabatix USA will ensure your shoot runs efficiently to time and budget by eliminating the unknown.Breath hold is a key skill required for working underwater. Our models and artists can hold their breath for longer than conventional models therefore, they can get more shots and deliver more of the brief before having to surface for air. This skill saves the production valuable time and money.Experience underwater and the ability to remain calm are vital when you need to take direction from another person or in most cases, many people at once on a shoot. Aquabatix USA models can take direction underwater and anticipate the next move enabling the director to concentrate on getting the shots and not how they are delivered.

As well as having the required skills to be able to deliver the required shots, our models are trained athletes who work hard to achieve their goals. With an incredible work ethic, desire to succeed and enviable physique, Aquabatix USA models are the intelligent choice for underwater productions in America.

Aquabatix USA offers top class American underwater production professionals who are the very best in the business. If you need to impress, please get in touch today to discuss your requirements.    +1 213 550 5569